Slave to Target

I thought of you Jenny, when I found this blog tonight. The name got me, Slave to Target, and yeah, it's too cute not to go visit right now. Clicking on the snapshot will take you to the post that made me laugh out loud. Couldn't we ALL have written this!

WallieWorld was on their way out with us several years ago, but we still found ourselves going in to buy items for the yard, shampoo, and the little toiletries of life ~ that is, until Target came to town. Now that we live where we do, we don't even have to get into traffic to shop there! Not to mention I can make my Books-A-Million run for the latest magazines; several eateries that won't break the bank; and Publix is next door. Yep, I heart me a red cart.

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Laurey said...

Hi Nancy,
I just love Target (TAR-GAE), too. I can spend hours there just cruising up and down the aisles. Sometimes if I am bored on a Sunday afternoon, this is where I head. My wallet is usually screaming when I leave here - ha!!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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