Eastside Grill & Lunch!

We had to go into Montgomery this afternoon
and John decided to let me choose a spot for lunch~
If you haven't eaten here yet, you need to make plans.
They have outside tables and at night, there's a live band.
John chose the grilled chicken, garlic potatoes, and green beans~
I chose the blackened tilapia, garlic potatoes, and broccoli ~
although next time, I'll get the green beans. The broccoli
was a bit tough, but the tilapia was great!
I talked him into a snapshot before we left,
but a customer coming in caught my eye.
I am so ADD!

For those of you looking for dinner deals, O'Charley's is offering 2 meals for $14.99! Their entrees are not as extensive as Logan's but it makes for cheap dinner dates! However, it was O'Charley's where we had a problem Monday evening. When John and I got there we were told there wasn't a server for the table where the hostess wanted to place us, so we had to sit at the bar. WHAT?! There were empty tables all over the place! Jenny and Brandon got there about twenty minutes later, we had to ASK to be seated, and after another ten minutes noone had come to take drink orders or ask if they could help us. Now, understand, it was 5 pm and there were only TWO other couples that we could see and umpteen empty tables! We got up and left, crossed the road to Logan's where we were immediately seated and waited on. I told the hostess why we were leaving & she just shrugged. Guess they don't need the business ~


Jennifer said...

Call O'Charley's corporate HQ, or email them and make a complaint. I bet they will see "the need for business" in these hard economic times. You might get a coupon out of it too!
I used to work for O'Charley's when they first opened in Montgomery. It wasn't well managed at the time either, but I thought it was because they were new...

Alecia said...

You need to try Wishbone Cafe! They have wonderful Tilapia with creamed rice and pineapple sweet tea! Yum!

Kristen said...

I was a hostess a few years ago at the one in Pville while Thomas and I were dating. The manager at that time was horrible. Thomas would come there alot to eat, and one time the manager actually made me tell Thomas to leave because he "didn't like boyfriends being there" while I was working - even though he was a paying customer! Unbelievable! I will say that I learned ALOT from working there. Being a hostess is harder than it looks!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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