I have been trying for a week now to get a decent snapshot
of this, and I still haven't succeeded. Here it is regardless ~
I asked Paige to make me a large curly H for our mirror
and love what she did! Seeing it in person, though,
it looks much better than what I'm able to show.
For some reason, there are these ghost lines and we cannot
decide where they are coming from, other than the windows.
Maybe? Anyway, Paige has lots of fonts to choose from
and for this project I chose the silver, etched color.
I knew what I wanted on the kitchen bar, but
what I found for the master bedroom was a delight.
Vinyl is so easy to apply, lasts as long as you need,
and comes off very easily. Try it! Then,
share a picture with me to show what you did!


Stacia said...

Those are all beautiful!! Love 'em

Jenny said...

Those look GREAT!

Lynne Griffies said...

I love your vinyls---especially the monogram on the mirror. When you are here Monday night, I want to talk to you about getting one for me. Also, you have to be sure to look at what I did in the sunroom. I had ordered a etagere from Rooms to Go. It finally got delivered this past Wednesday. I put vinyl on the wall beside it. I also spent hours and hours and hours scanning pics---including wedding pics and pics of the babies and printing them in sepia. Then I framed them in all these frames I have been buying for months now. Then I proceeded to decorate the etagere. It turned out so good---I am sooooo pleased with it.

The Flying Pinto said...

What a great idea to have these "reminders" around: )

I want to do something like that in my daughter's room..."color outside the lines" and a few others like that!

Nancy, thank you for stopping by...email me if you get the chance..theflyingpinto@aol.com.

Alecia said...

Looks awesome! That is the same thing that I used in Adalynn's nursery for the saying above her crib. I think the ghost lines in the mirror picture are coming from the beveled edges of the mirror reflecting. :) I love the H!

To The Moon and Back said...

These vinyls are amazing! I love the one on the mirror.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I am flattered to hear you are a 'stalker':)

Nancy said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments and yes, Alecia, I do believe you're right!

April said...

the velvet-y chair in the last pic is right up my alley. love the color! and you showcased it well with the other accessories! Monograms are something i never get tired of. thanks for stopping by my blog!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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