Noah & the Hat, the Cowboy Hat!

Jenny called late this afternoon asking if they could come over. I was sitting in Logan's, sipping some iced tea, nibbling on a great salad, with ranch dressing, and waiting for my meal to come so I could dig in, relax, and read the newest issue of People magazine. John was working and I was having some 'Nancy time' and loving it. Then Jen called. Hey, I got it all boxed up and I came home. Who wouldn't? When there's this precious baby waiting for you?!
This week is VBS and it's a western theme. Which means there are cowboy boots, shirts, and HATS! And Noah James has one! (He also had dilated pupils from an eye appointment, but just ignore those. If you can. They're quite large.) But the hat? Well, he loves looking at the photos on my computer, so while we were looking, I thought I'd try and get a picture of Noah and this hat. Here are the efforts. Now mind you, I was pretty much laughing hysterically while clicking.
All this time he is fascinated and yelling "there's Noah, there's my hat!" and he's moving all over the place. I can't get him to look at the camera, for then I heard "where did I go? where is my hat?" And then I get this! He begins grabbing the rim and dragging it around his head and pulling on it. Well, see for yourself.
Like Otis in Andy's jail down in Mayberry.
This child makes me laugh out loud.
And I always do.
Thanks for the visit, Jen ~
I so needed this laughter today!
And I will always need his love and smiles~
PS ~ The spots on his face, down around his mouth? Yeah, that would be chocolate from a brownie ~ hey, this child was at grandmother's home!

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Laurey said...

What a cutie pie!!! I love the pictures you captured of Noah!!! He is beautiful!!! I hope he had fun at Vacation Bible School - look like he did. I always loved VBS - great memories!!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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