Playing With Ian ~

So yesterday we met Jenny & Brandon for a Father's Day dinner.
I had found these bits and pieces of Legos at our home,
and knew Ian would love adding them to his huge collection ~
so they came with us. While waiting to get service,
Ian pulled out the Legos and set up the island mat!
Then he found a boat and body pieces! Then sweetly turning to me, he said,
"Nan, here. This is you. Pretend you have a whole body."And so I did. For about a nanosecond. Good 'ole Ian ~


Kelly said...

This one got me tickled!

Jenny said...

he tried that with noah in the car on the way home and was not happy when i made him give noah a whole man :)

Nancy said...

ha ha I bet he wasn't! I'm still giggling over how serious he was when he gave me that little piece of white lego ha ha

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Nancy! I would love to share my pictures with you. Thanks for asking and the honor would be all mine...Hugs~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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