Things That Made Me Laugh ~

Things that made me laugh today ~
watching Noah hurriedly say his prayer,
when he really wanted to be eating;
(I know, I didn't have my eyes closed)
listening to Ian laugh when we played chase
in Penney's (yeah, we did, sorry Jen);
watching Noah and Ian trying to get
their pinwheels going by blowing on them;
realizing the child I was waving to
in the playyard at ChickFilA
was NOT my grandchild! (thanks, Jen);
listening to Johnny talk about his workday
(yeah, the man cracks me up!);
hearing Noah say, "I hold you, Nan"
about four dozen times today
when he wanted to be held (I love those words);
watching the movie trailer for New Moon
with Lauren and liking the shot of Jacob
without his shirt (wink, wink);
reading about the continuing media fascination
with Jon and Kate & thinking out loud how crazy
it is that two people with millions
can't be happy with each other and/or their life;
(Get a clue, people! Be happy!)
putting Sprite in Noah's sippy cup,
and having it spray his face while his mom
cleaned up Ian's mess in the backseat;
watching the Sonic commercials on TV;
seeing the look on John's face as I use his computer
(he's not crazy about it);
and, listening to Nelson laugh when he called
and woke me up this morning.
What made you laugh today?

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Just a note ~ I'm playing with this background. If you'll notice up on the left hand side, I have a listing of places to go if you enjoy dressing your blog as much as me. I really really really like the blues and beige of the last look, and may go back to it, but for now this reminds me of the colors in nature right now. Pink faces from this hot sun!


Laurey said...

Hi Nancy,
I just loved reading your sounds like the perfect day to me!!! That precious Noah sounds like such a sweetheart. My niece was with us this weekend, and she keeps me in stitches laughing, too. She is just three, and can come up with some of the funniest things. Isn't it wonderful to spoil them, and then send them home? I get in trouble, too - ha!!! I love that you played chase in JC Penney - I do those same kind of fun things with my smaller nephews and niece, and am always getting scolded. Makes me feel like a kiddo again, and laugh until my ribs hurt - great times!!! Hope you and your precious family have a very blessed and safe week!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs. You can always make me feel the love you feel for those babies. Also, Elijah says "hold you" when he wants to be held as well. I love it! I miss you.
Love you very much

Lynne Griffies said...

I like this new background. It makes me think of the beach. And I loved reading about what made you laugh yesterday--good stuff girlfriend!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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