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Deborah is still here with us and today we wandered downtown. I found a gorgeous bracelet at Carol Brooks. You've got to visit that shoppe! They have some of their fall and Halloween items up and decorating the front windows. I also got a cute little 'Cowardly Lion' figurine with his TrickorTreat bag. Lunch was at Marchelle's and too good! Crab cakes, roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus. Yum. (Jenny was the one that made me aware of how good crab cakes could be and I'll be forever grateful.) I have so enjoyed this visit with one of my bestest friends. We have laughed, shared, cried, and laughed some more. I'm going to miss her.

We drove out to visit with Jenny and the boys, and while there it began raining! And thundering! And lightening! Don't you just marvel at the power of nature and the beauty of His handiwork! Noah is sick with croup, but looked better yet sounded really hoarse. Jenny is very, very pregnant with Elle and you can see her latest pic here.

Tonight we camped out in front of the tube to see if Jillian and Ed are still a couple (they are) and nothing spectacular jumped out as this season's The Batchelorette drew to a close. A neat way to end a great day.

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