A Trip to Mississippi ~

We are home from a trip to see our Mississippi babes!
I had such fun taking snapshots, but accidently erased
the ones of our lunch at Ichiban's Steakhouse. Drat.
Afterward we went to the Natural History Museum
and had such fun wandering the halls ~ here are some pics! Alaina loved the little boat,
and The Boneyard! It had puzzles!
And there were fish! Lots of fish!
And turtles! See? There's one behind Austin.
Look behind his left ear. His, not yours.
The mother of these two sweethearts
is our daughter, Stacey.
It's hard getting a snapshot with everyone,
when someone has to be taking the picture.Ah, what little dolls. Their mother thinks so most of the time.
Austin loved the exhbits with the deer.
And the turkey. And the prehistoric fish.
Our other daughter, Leslie, got eaten by a shark.
Okay, so I lied. But it's a cute pic.
Here's another one of her.
She is really in love with this little man.
He loves his aunt Leslie. And she loves him.
Tomorrow, I'll finish up the museum
and take you to dinner at Fernando's!

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