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This is Nelson, my big brother. He's not really the oldest, I am. But he's that big brother I needed. Today he was here while Jenny was visiting with Ian and Noah. Ian has always loved his uncle Nelson. Always. They go way back. Here's a link to an earlier post (and you can see what my blog used to look like!) Nelson and Ian have always connected. Now Noah? Nelson came in one day when Noah was real young, grabbed Ian, and scared poor Noah. Today was the first day Nelson has been able to get near the child!
You can see the look as we're headed down the stairs for the boys to see Nelson's motorcycle. Noah didn't want him to hold him going down the stairs ~ note that look of 'I don't think I'll hold you closely'. And he wasn't sure about sitting on the bike, but then, he didn't at the Police Station either. You can read about that here.
But he was all into Nelson going back up the stairs and until Nelson had to leave. Ian? Aw, he's still uncle Nelson's best bud. Now he wants a helmet. Bet that doesn't happen.Keep reading for an updated pic of Noah's personality! It's beginning to shine and come forth, so says his mother. After spending the afternoon with him, I have to agree. I haven't laughed this much in a while.

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