So There Are Lots of Brooms ~

that can stand alone. Apparently,
Mr. Clean makes a well balanced broom, too.
Today I saw two separate snapshots of brooms
that were standing alone. Without help.
And didn't fall. Told you that 'ghost' in Prattville
wasn't really a ghost. And I'm still giggling,
and ringing up sales from the mass that are traveling
to town to see The Standing Broom. They leave that store
and see Patti's shoppe across the street! I'm lovin' it.
Do you have a picture of a standing broom?!


Stacia said...

that's funny...enjoy the extra business :)

Heather said...

Ohh, glad you posted this. Because I was stumped at the site of the "standing broom". Corey and I know the folks mentioned in that article and they aren't ones to just "make stuff up". Glad you found this info. Take care!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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