A Standing Broom ~

Will Burdett, 2 1/2, cautiously examines a broom that seems to stand on its own, with no visible support, in a Prattville storefront. Will's mother, Christy Burdett, is preparing to open the location as a consignment shop. (David Bundy)
There is a buzz in downtown Prattville! We seem to have another resident ghost, or ghosts depending on who is talking, in one of the older downtown buildings. A customer came in to the shoppe, which is directly across the street, all excited about a broom standing upright. With no one holding it. I'll let you click here and go directly to our Montgomery Advertiser for the full story and a video that was taken yesterday. Or click here to see Bryan Henry's take on it. (He and his cameraman parked right outside our door, but they didn't interview us this time. He interviewed Patti last September! You can read about it here, but I don't think the video can be accessed.) A-N-Y-WAY, let me tell you this town is a-buzzing! John and I walked across the street with Patti earlier this evening and sure enough, there's a broom standing upright. In the middle of the room. We tried getting a snapshot through the door, however the dirt and smudges on the glass made it difficult. But if you're downtown, stop by and see the standing broom ~ then cross the street and I'll be glad to help you shop at Cute As A Button!

08/27: Just a note ~ I've been asked if I believe it's 'ghosts' or what I think about this incident. I believe in God, His angels, and I know Satan's workers walk this earth as well. I believe in Paradise and knowing His children will one day worship at His feet. I believe there will be some sort of logical explanation for this, and no, I do not believe in ghosts. I don't disbelieve but there's nothing to make me believe in "wandering souls lost in the nether world". So take it for what it's worth. Do I find it interesting? Shoot yeah, I've had lots of giggles over it and laughter watching others try to figure it out. You should see the faces of others when I tell them about it. I've always loved a good story (wink, wink)
~Have a beautiful day!

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