A Weekend Getaway ~

We left Friday to go here,
(oh be still my heart!)
and stayed in this beautiful condo. We've been staying
at Olde Gatlinburg Place Condominiums for about 15 years.
Or there about, we've been coming to the area for 26 years,
but began staying here when it was just the two of us.
And although we know which ones NOT to stay in,
we've made friends and now know which ones
to ask for! (Hint -the ones on the left hand side of the
7th floor rock! Gorgeous! Especially the two bedroom one!) It's only two blocks from The Village, and one of
our favorite spots to shop. You must visit The Silver Tree
while there. I promise you'll find something there.
I always do!Do you see that little window over John's left shoulder?
The one that has the arches? That's over a cheese shop,
and if you go in, and up the small staircase, you'll find
the neatest deli. It's only open a few hours each day
and is a delightful place to eat a German sandwich
and potato salad! Truly a neat experience.
And this is as close as I let The Hood get
to Clingman's Dome. I hate hiking. So sue me.
I tell him every trip I'll sit and wait for him,
but he always elects to just wander around down here.
Suits me (big smile). There are lots of others
milling around down here, too. And the view
is still an awesome one!
And this? This is the glass from the condo that I discovered
we accidently forgot to return before we left Gatlinburg!
Horrors! We stole a glass! It held Milo's Sweetened Tea
yesterday while we rode around up in the Smokey's and
I had every intention of taking it back inside. I forgot.
Until this afternoon. On the way home. When I reached
for the water bottle I threw back there. Argh. And this is me about to ask John if we could please,
please, please spend the night at The Chattanooga ChooChoo.
He doesn't have to be at work until Tuesday night, so I figured
why not?! Besides, I wasn't ready to come home!
Can you read his expression?! I can.
Which is why we are home tonight.
And I'm posting this on our blog.
And this? Well, this is where my dinner plate was.
Note the word 'was'. Obviously, I eat faster than John
and my plate was taken away. There were still one or two
corn muffins and biscuits left, but I think I gained around
two, or five, pounds this extended weekend so I stopped
when she took the plate. And just drank my tea.
My sweet, sweet iced tea with lemon.

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