A Birthday Present ~

Elle was to have made her arrival on Brandon's 30th birthday, but decided she wanted to be dressed and pretty for it ~ so she came last weekend! Look at this happy man! And do not let Noah's expression fool you. I was there today to get some snuggle time and Noah and Ian both are all into this littlest female! Noah was showing me everything, EVERYTHING, in her nursery ~ down to candlesticks and the hamper, even to the littlest stuffed animal! (You can click on either photo to be taken to Jen's post on this neat celebration and for more pics!)

They are smitten ~ but then, so am I.


Jenny said...

My, my, Noah needs a hair cut!!!! Hopefully it won't be too bushy for pics on Wednesday if he takes a bath that morning.

Graham Shenanigans said...

Beautiful family! Little Elle is simply beautiful and those boys are little dolls. What better birthday present than to be surrounded by those armfuls of love?

I love Elle's headband. Where did yall find it?

Nancy said...

Thanks! and Leigh, Jenny ordered it online, I think. Look over at the right hand side of the blog and look for The Maddox Family. That's her family site ~ I'm sure she'd love to give you the web address for it! Praying for your wish to foster/adopt a child :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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