Remember the Fallen ~

This was the image that greeted us on all major network stations that day ~ I remember where I was. I bet you do, too.

I was in my second grade classroom with fewer than twenty little ones. We had just begun a brand new year and were getting to know each other, when a library aide motioned for me to come to the back of the room. She whispered that one of the twin towers had just been hit and that our principal was awaiting further news from the county office as to how to proceed.

Grabbed my cell, left the kids with the aide, and hightailed it outside to call John, who was at home this particular day. He was in tears, and while filling me in, shouted out, "Oh dear God, Nancy, a plane has just hit the other tower. Oh God, all those people". Then we both cried. And prayed. And cried. And prayed. By noon, I had half my class as parents began an exodus of coming for their children. Maybe New York wouldn't be the only ones to take terrorist hits.

The carnage was unbelievable and our hearts were deeply saddened with the stories that emerged over the next few weeks. Notes of courage, of faith, of compassion. The nation came together, worked together, and prayed together. We would never be the same.

On this anniversary, this Friday, that is now Patriot's Day, please remember the families that were separated by death that day. Their lives were forever changed. Remember those that still suffer from nightmares and panic attacks. They relive it more than we'll ever realize. Give thanks that we are strong, we are free, and we serve a mighty God. One that will never forget the hurting, the grieving, the lost and lonely.

May you forever live in health and happiness and may God continue to bless America ~

Don't forget to display an American flag Friday!
(Oh, and when John cried out? He was actually crying for his King. I know him. We are not the type to use His name loosely ~ we truly believe in crying out for Him. Make no mistake.)

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