Cute Fall Backgrounds ~

If you haven't noticed by now, I love changing the background of our blog! Depends on the season, my attitude, what I'm writing on, if I'm hungry ~ so okay, scratch the last bit but I just cannot seem to find one that I want to stay with all the time. I love to change it, and the font, and the graphics, and and and!!! The one I'm using now would come the closest to being my favorite. That is, until I found these tonight! Check them out! (You can click on the photographs to be taken to the website, where you'll find tons more!)
I like this one, too, but just love the one that follows even better. There's something about a faded background that makes me want to stay there longer. Like a worn piece of fabric that's been washed and worn, a book tattered from use, a love letter read over and over. Any background that has a worn look has my heart. You may see this as our background soon.
This is the background on my computer screen tonight. It's Miss Elle, our newest grandbaby, and I'm so in love. Once more. Again. I think she's looking at the camera thinking, "I wonder where my Nan is. I think my Nan needs to be here rocking me. Come get me, Nan, these boys are loud and I want you to sing to me." (Wow, for a little bitty thing, she sure has a large vocabulary.) You can click on her sweet picture to be taken to her family's site and see more pics.
And just because I thought it was a cute idea, click on this photo to be taken to The Graphics Fairy and read how to take this and make something really cute with it! The weather is cooler! Fall is definitely here!

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