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I saw this in Southern Living and loved it! Not just the candy corn, which is such a necessary part of Halloween, but the photograph just made me smile! Click on the photo to be directed to the site where you can read more about how to make these and other nifty ideas for the holiday!
I subscribe to Paula Deen's magazine and it's truly one of my favorites. This recipe is one I want to try one Sunday when Jenny's family eats with us. It looks good, easy, and I just love the topping! Give me some chips for the dip and I'm slap happy, so when I read that it's used as the top layer of this dish I fell in love. Clicking on the photo will take you to the site!And I could SO LIVE HERE!! Charm Home spotlighted this issue and there wasn't a single room I didn't like or an idea that I didn't think "gee, why didn't I ever do that?!" Go visit! Now! And leave a comment! We all love comments!
Here's to you Brett! You didn't carve one or two, you carved FOUR pumpkins! And folks, he did NOT use a stencil. These were all free hand and from what Stacey reported, the kids had a blast. The same day he did this was also the day he grilled and cooked dinner. Yum, there's a whole post waiting to be written for what this son in law of ours is capable of putting on a table!

This photograph is also courtesy of our Stacey. Leslie had a costume party to attend and went as a Grecian goddess. Austin has a mouth full of Halloween candy and Alaina couldn't take her eyes of 'the princess'. Too cute!! These are some things that have already brightened my week. What's happened where you are?!


charm home said...

I love the Southern Living candy corn bouquet but it wouldn't last around my house. I would eat it before anyone could see it. Candy corn is the best! If you get a chance I'd love it if you could take some time and comment about my blog on here's the link A few people have already made comments about Charm Home. YAY. They are just asking for comments about Atlanta blogs that people like. Almost finished with my fall centerpiece. I'll probably post about that tomorrow.

The Feathered Nest said...

Look at how gorgeous your Stacey is!!!! How precious that her daughter was in "awe" of her beauty too! I love the pumpkins, he's quite the master of all trades ~ and that photo of the tree limbs is breathtaking Nancy ~ I love it! xxoo, Dawn

Stacia said...

now I want chips and dip :)
Those jack o lanterns are so cool!! We really need to get on the ball and get ours carved...only 3 days left!!!

charm home said...

You can delete this one too...Thought I'd change my look for a while. I really love Yellow and Gray right now and I love that trellis fabric that I'm using as my header. It will probably be short-lived though. I change my mind so quickly. :o) Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! We will probably just be hanging out close to the house. No big parties to go to or anything. Love ya! -c

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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