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Tonight I wandered here (click on pic to be zipped there!) and found this test ~ and I am always curious enough to just love these tests!
You can click on the above pic and take it yourself! I was found to be "Elegant Classic" and think it suits me well. I have fun decorating our nest and although we do not entertain as we did prior to the accident, we still enjoy setting a pretty table. Here's what she had to say about my test selections ~ leave me a comment and let me know what style you are!
"Nancy, you are an Elegant Classic
You have a refined sensibility with an appreciation for history and tradition in your furniture and your rooms. You value beauty, things that are well crafted, and family heirlooms. You are visually sensitive and understand how symmetry and a formal layout give order to a room, and hence your home is refined and calming. You are not taken in by the trends of the moment. You go for things with a timeless appeal, and appreciate old-fashioned virtues like manners and handwritten notes and making a home that is welcoming for others.
You value serenity. While there are probably a lot of interesting things in your home, they are joined by your taste or a certain palette that keeps them in harmony. You appreciate the beauty in simple forms. Whether fancy or plain, you appreciate things that are well made and function as well as they look. You also have a strong respect for the environment and craftsmanship. You care about how things are made, and how they are used."

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