Happy Birthday, Noah James!

Happy birthday, sweet Noah. You are three today and we were able to have lunch with you! Spiderman is your favorite superpower hero at the moment so we got you a Spiderman action figure and found a Spiderman musical card to match! You were so excited.
You are such a card, Noah James. I took this photo of you at our home as you were showing me "this is the way to wear a shirt, Nan" and you were using a gruff, deep voice. Where did that come from? I have absolutely no idea.
and again, the one below was taken at one of Ian's soccer games.
You are such a ham & love to be silly.
You are so in love with your family.
This man is one of your heroes,
and this woman has your heart.
You will always have the greatest big brother
and you welcomed a sister this fall.
Pa and I love having you over to play and you never fail to delight us with your wit, your expressions, and your appetite! Man, you love to eat.
I am so in love with you, Noah. I always will be.
Happy birthday, sweet child.

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Graham Shenanigans said...

Happy birthday, precious Noah. Hope it was great!

No, the outfit on my blog I ordered from ebay. I wish I had bought it from you guys.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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