Welcome to Our World, Shelby!

Meet Shelby! She's the newest member of my brother's family! She is Matt's daughter and was born this past July. They live in Arizona, so need I tell you how excited we all were when we found out they were coming to Alabama for Thanksgiving?! Some of the family could not fly out due to work schedules and we miss them, but intend to slather that love on the three that ARE here! Does this man look like he's in love?!
Yeah, he is. Hook, line, and sinker.
And while Shelby had a handful of grandad's hair,
Alexa was hanging on to her dad!
Sometimes a look says it all.
Welcome to the family, sweet child.
You are in for such a treat. There shall be many days of laughter, good food, and many that will always be available for you. At all times. No matter what.
I am thankful that now,
there's you, sweet Shelby.

You're gonna really love these men.

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Kelly said...

She is delicious!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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