Faith, Friends, and Food!

Friday, Kay and I drove to the Gulf Coast to see Deborah.
This bright eyed beauty has made a dream come true for herself, and given us a place to stay in delightful surroundings while enjoying sand, surf, and seafood! We have had the most beautiful weekend of girl time, good food, restful moments, and loads of laughter!
We worshipped the King with a God-filled congregation, then headed to The Tin Top Restaurant. Deborah and I had both heard of this place and it was good. I was a bit disappointed in my brunch selection but the strawberry bread pudding with white chocolate sauce totally made up for it! Oh.Wow. It was so good!
I know, I know the photo is way too small. But it was the only one I could find. Sadly, if you go to their site at this time, you won't get more than this. Hmm, I think I'd make it larger and offer more of a variety for advertising purposes!
After changing into jeans and sandals, we headed to the coast for a nice, but extremely windy walk along the shoreline. The waves were high and the water looked a nasty shade of greenish brown, but the sounds of the gulls, the laughter of those on the sand, music from local eateries made it a delight to my senses. Being with two of my dearest and bestest friends was an added bonus. We'll head home tomorrow at some point, taking with us heart memories and giggles.
Thanks so much, Deborah, for opening your home to us. You're a doll.


Audrey said...

Nancy, glad you had a great time in Gulf deserve it.

I love the pics of Miss Elle. She is a doll!

Have a great week!

charm home said...

Sounds like you ladies had so much fun. I'm saving that picture of the beach as my desktop background. Oh, how I'd love to be laying there right now. xo, Cristi

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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