Pastels and Pretties

Aren't these the prettiest pastel shades?! John came in today with some fresh eggs given to him by Mike Chastain. Mike has chickens and these are the eggs from (and forgive me if I misspell this!) Banty hens. Mike says that when boiled gently the colors will deepen and become even prettier than they are now! We plan to take these to Ian & Noah when we go to their home for lunch. Mike also sent a dozen eggs from his 'other' hens and they are deep shades of browns, creams, and beiges. I have never seen colors this varied and natural as I have with these. Just had to share them with you! Have a blessed weekend ~


Kelly said...

Wow. Neither have I! BTW, I am back to blogging a bit.

Marie said...

The eggs are so pretty. I thought they had been dyed. Happy Easter!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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