Elle & Her Men

It's a given that this man is smitten with Elle.
He is totally in love.
But he isn't the only one fascinated
by this blonde haired beauty.
My brother, Nelson, thinks she's a doll.
Nelson has a grandaughter in Arizona.
He sure misses having her nearby.
So he lavishes that love on Miss Elle.
And she eats up the attention.
And her Pa?
Yep, he's in love as well.


Holly said...

What cute photos! They all look so proud, lol. :)

charm home said...

Elle is looking more and more like Jenny every day. She always looks like such a happy baby in all of her photos. You can tell that she is very, very loved. xo, Cristi

Melissa Lester said...

What a beauty! And so blessed to be loved by so many.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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