Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

We used to use this phrase with our daughters as they grew up and would come whining about one thing or the other. It always made us laugh, and made them roll their eyes. But today, for just the length of time it takes you to read this I intend to whine about something that just gripes me to no end. And there's really nothing to do about it. ARGH!!
People who ride in the left hand lane and never move over! And that's where the SLOWER TRAFFIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE! You have to get over to the right just far enough to see if there's some reason they are staying in the left hand lane. You see there isn't a valid reason, so you pass them. ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE! And you are not supposed to do that. It's something that just makes me grind my teeth. But then, you're reading something written by someone that loves speed on an open highway. So to all those left hand lane riders out there ~ MOVE OVER TO THE RIGHT! Please.

Okay, I'm finished.

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charm home said...

I'm right there with you on this one. MOVE OVER PEOPLE!!!

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend and did something really fun! -Cristi

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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