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We had a quick, but fun, trip to Mississippi this past weekend to celebrate Austin's 7th birthday! This Nan cannot believe her oldest grandchild is already seven {tearful font} but at the same time it's so fascinating to watch these bright and curious babes grow up. I forgot to take my camera but snapped a few with the camera on my phone. I know, it's not the best, but some were too cute not to share. {NOW if I can get Blogger to cooperate! I do NOT like their new way of adding photographs!!}
The trip began with everyone fresh and full from lunch.
Then it began to get a bit long,
and when it did that, some of us got silly.
Stacey's Alaina loves to dress up
in her princess outfits ~ complete with accessories
The boys loved playing the Wii from the top bunk!
{After much grumbling & pulling of hair, this post is finished. Now, I'm afraid to click on View Blog as this whole ordeal was NOT as easy as it used to be. ARGH!!}
UPDATE: WhooHee, it looks just fine!

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