Books, Birds, & Bread

Mustard Seed Creations. I love her site.
She's taken old books, stripped off the cover,
and bundled them in twine. Classic. Easy. Eye-catching.
How about using this graphic from The Graphics Fairy,
putting it under a cloche, stacking some old books,
and what a neat tablescape you will have created!
At The Graphics Fairy, the graphics are free.
As in F.R.E.E. How sweet of her is this!
If you don't have vintage looking paper, then
slather some tea on it, rub in around the edges,
and you've got your own vintage page.
I had one of these! A bona fide chicken coop! We found and purchased it near Newnan, Georgia along with an old wooden ironing board. The coop was still filled with chicken 'nasty' but once I cleaned it up and arranged silk flowers in it, it hung on our wall {gah, I can't believe I asked him to hang something this huge on the wall!} and at one time was used as a side table. Finally, after moving it in and out of three houses, I grew tired of looking at it and gave it away. Along with the ironing board. After seeing this idea, I'd kinda like to have the coop back. Fit it with rollers, a slab of glass, and make some money off it! What a neat idea!
You can find more about this idea at Design Indulgence!
And if you love bread as much as we love bread,
you'll love this recipe. You don't get your hands dirty!
 Yum, I'm planning to make this the same day I make the soup! Check out the recipe at A Soft Place to Land. Tell me, what's your favorite idea from today's list?!


Annastacia said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I so appreciate it! I also love Mustard Seed Interiors, she's fabulous! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Thanks for the shout outs!! What a wonderful blog you have!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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