Are there those of you with blogs that get crazy, and I mean crazy, remarks?!  Just this morning I rejected not one, but TWO, telling me I needed more visual effects with my blogs as scientists have shown these make reading easier. What are they smoking?! This is a blog and whether you choose to read it or not because of the lack of or too much of the visuals is not something I shall concern myself with.

Wanna know something else that was funny/fishy about the comments? The first was from "Mike, mobile phones" and the other was from a foreign named female advertising "visual sites? Come see me" Yeah, you can bet I'll be going there! NOT

For you newbies to the blogging world, do NOT click on suspicious looking names or comments. It's a great way of getting a virus at the worst, and at the least, leaving your information on their hard drive. Be safe, only allow comments that you know and trust.

Okay, that's my gripe session for the day. Have a brunch coming up shortly, just talked to one of our daughters and heard a grandson in the background, the day looks gorgeous and I found this on my laptop! Ah, God is so good. Cue the angels singing.

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Melissa Miller said...

I'm sorry Nancy. I get so much spam email ever since I let my email address become public on my blog. So annoying. Sigh.

He is a doll! Have a great weekend and I'm happy you are feeling better. ~Melissa :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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