being a child of the King, my Father and Lord
having the heart of a man that loves his Savour and me
the joy of having Christian daughters with families they adore
soft beds, hot showers, and a shelter from the rain
enough food to satisfy, enough drink to avoid thirst
friends that are loyal, trustworthy, and giving
a country where we worship freely and openly
the ability to learn new things and utilize it
medical help and advancement of the field
education, knowledge, and shooting stars
being given a glimpse of His Garden and knowing
that He is a more forgiving, a more loving God
than I was raised to believe. Death has no sting.
the joys, the tears, the laughters and fears of life
 for this and so many other blessings I am,
and will always be, eternally grateful.
I am a blessed individual. We are a blessed country.
And for all this, and more, I am forever thankful, El Shaddai. 

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Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

And my girls are I are THANKFUL for YOU!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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