We Are Home!

And I have photos to edit, and thoughts, and stories to tell you BUT I'm getting sleepy and have another quick trip planned for us to leave Thursday evening and returning Saturday evening SO please, be patient and I promise to go back and catch up on reading all your awesome blog posts.  I love your ideas, home pics, funny tales, and creative homes.  Looks like it'll  be Monday before that happens, but I will get to them. I promise!

Oh, and the trip to the Smoky's?  We saw snow and 26 degree weather. Need I say more?! Oh, and a most beautiful cabin with a gas log fireplace on the covered deck!! That had a swing!! That I added a quilt and pillows too! and magazines and warm drinks!! Ah, it was the life.

Thankful to be home safe and sound. Tomorrow shall be a busy one, but we'll be home in time to celebrate our daughter, Jenny's birthday on Sunday after worship! I am so not ready to even THINK of The Hood going back to work. I may just make him retire this month.

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Judy said...

Nany, your trip sounds heavenly. We are leaving in the morning for a drive up toward north Ala. to see leaves, backroads, and anything that catches our fancy. We did this same trip last year and had a blast...lots of down time with no demands! Can't wait to see your pics.


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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