Happy Birthday, IanBaDeun

It wasn't hard to lose our heart to you.
Chubby legs, perpetual smile & giggles.
I was a teacher during your first three years,
and your mommy would send me a daily photo of you.
I always looked forward to them.
You're the red leaf on the left front row. Ironic, this photo,
as Noah has his Christmas program tonight.
We have many photos of you with your dad.
Walking together, helping as he built the house you
live in and laugh in and play in the secret top room!
He loves you very much.
Your mommy always wanted a big brother, so when
we found out you were coming, she was thrilled.
And she still is. You two are a lot alike.
Guess what?! You were going to be
a big brother!!
Noah came along and you became a great helper.
Here's a Christmas photo of the four of you.
You are laughing at your uncle Nelson.
The two of you love each other so much
and have such fun together.
And Puppy. This is a much loved little dog!
Noah looks up to you. He wants to be like you.
You will have to always be careful to set a good,
Christian example. He loves to have you read to him.
Then, you got a baby sister! Elle. Miss Elle.
You couldn't keep your hands off her and she, like Noah,
just adores you. She loves crawling over you and
bringing you a book to read to her.
You are an awesome young man, Ian, and Pa and Nan love
you deeply. You are not only sweet and kind, but you are smart
and very talented. Always listen to your heart, follow our Lord,
and reach for the stars. There's nothing you cannot do,
cannot be, or cannot accomplish.
Happy Birthday, sweet Ian!!

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