Losing Forty!

Okay, I have to get serious. Yesterday one of my doctors told me that some of the meds I am presently taking will increase my appetite (I'd figured that one out) and that they would make me gain weight (Oh, no joke! An increase in appetite will do that! Hello?!)  and she wanted me to lose weight by my April visit. I already knew I needed to lose weight but until John took two photos of me this afternoon, for my 'before' photos on a new blog I've begun, I didn't realize I'd gotten that puffy! If you want to follow along, or if you want to lose along with me, the new blog is Losing Forty!. Or if you want to ignore this {grin font} go right ahead. It's a place for me to hold myself accountable and accept responsibility. I intend to lost forty pounds by the end of 2011. Ugh, I hate the thought. It's so much easier just eating and not worrying about it {wink}


Melissa Miller said...

Nancy I'm so proud of you for taking charge of your health! You will look and feel amazing in no time. I know it. It takes eating fresh foods, smaller portions, lot's of water and exercise. You can do it! I'm here for you cheering you on. I'll check out your other blog as well. I'm adding you to my blog roll right now. I will also make you my blog of the week okay. It's at the top of my blog.

Good luck sweet friend!
Warmly, ~Melissa :)

The Hatfield Family said...

I too will be on the same journey as you are but I have quite a bit more to lose. My goal is 88lbs. I am on a 1200 calorie diet. I started this past Sunday. Best of luck with yours! Its not easy but is oh so worth it! Love, Shawna

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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