Have You?

One of my girlfriends sent these. I had to laugh because I've done three of them! Yep, held a sign upside down as a cheerleader. Of course, at that age, we giggled and giggled, showing off for the football players. Ah, high school.
Washed a car in the rain? Kinda sorta. There were several times I washed our car under the carport when it was pouring rain outside. My sweet man still makes fun of me for doing that, but I wanted a clean car when the rain stopped! He drew the line when we moved into a house with a garage.
This one made me laugh out loud. Not only have I driven off with items on my car, but I've also tried to set a large Sonic Cherry slushie on top of the car, only to have it fall through the sunroof. I've also set my billfold and iPhone on the top while putting items in the back seat, drove all the way to Lowe's and back before losing them both just as we went to turn onto our road. I'm not surprised I forgot they were up there. But for The Hood to not notice them?! And no harm to either the billfold, which didn't pop open, or the phone. Of course, I had to get an OtterBox after that {frowny font}. OtterBoxes are NOT girly girl!

So, what silly/stupid/can't-believe-I-did-that have you done?!  C'mon now, I know you've got something to share. Bring it on. We'll laugh together! And here's to giggles the rest of the week ~


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I couldn't even narrow it down to three.

- I have washed and dried and styled my hair to go to the beach.

- I have driven off with a cup on the top of my car too!

- I once asked the husband if a roller coaster went upside down while standing right under where it went upside down. He said no and I thought, "Maybe I am mistaken." I rode the ride and it was my new favorite!

- Washed dried and styled my hair and then went swimming. (I have a thing with my hair. I love it. LOL)

That's enough incriminating evidence.

Nancy said...

Haha, Kelly, me too! When I had a house cleaning service, the girls that worked with me couldn't believe I'd go home, shower, and redress before going to the next home LOL and yes, I do the hair and makeup thing before the beach AND before going to get it cut and highlighted!

Jenny said...

I backed my car into my garage door...I forgot to open it on my way out of the house ;-)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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