Rocking DisneyWorld!

We went to DisneyWorld!
With these special ones!
And let me tell you, they rocked it.
First we checked into the Bay Lake Resort @ The Contemporary, which was beside a marina and had the neatest pool areas! Rooms were spacious and we all had plenty of room to stretch out and we all slept soundly. I really think five of them slept so hard because they rocked DisneyWorld for four and a half days! 
We had the king size with an awesome bathroom. There were, what I call farm doors, on many of the openings and the two babies got a kick out of pulling them back and forth. There were also panels to pull between the bedroom and bathing area, along with a private balcony overlooking the lake and the marina. Each night at 10 we were able to view an electrical musical show of Sea Creatures. Neat! 
The second bedroom also had a private balcony. Let me put a plug in here for WDW beds. They are Sealy Posturepedic mattress and they slept great. I thought ours had a pillow top, but it didn't. We have decided our next bed will be a king size just like the one we slept on during this vacation. We all slept like babies. 
The photos are blurry but this pool was so neat. Spa, really really neat slide, no entry pool that never got deeper than 5 feet in the very middle, free life jackets for the little ones and a smaller slide for the little babes. Our two grandbabies wanted to go again and again and again. In fact, they took a swim between brunch and boarding their flight back to Mississippi. And I bet they slept all the way home.
First day ~ Magic Kingdom!
Here's three of the Green's on the
It's a Small World ride.
Everyone loves that one. 
Alaina got to be a princess,
and she got to meet all the ones she loves.
Here are two of them. 
The next morning,
her hair was still in place, and she'd changed dressed and shoes. Sneakers are much better walking around acres of parks than ballet slippers. In fact, that hair stayed in place for almost three whole days, only coming down to go into the pool.
Sometimes she walked.
Sometimes Daddy helped out.
I love the colorful backgrounds!!
and the models {grin font} 
Leslie claims The Animal Kingdom was her favorite. You can tell by 'laina's look she'd had enough of the picture taking sessions. But it's a great photo of Leslie!
Saturday night, Stacey and Brett went out to celebrate an upcoming wedding anniversary. We, along with Leslie, took the babies to the pools. Afterwards, they redressed and hit the Magic Kingdom again! Did you know the parks stay open until midnight, and sometimes longer than that?
The morning we left, there was brunch with Mickey,
and Minnie, and lots of other Disney Characters.
Just a perfect ending. What an awesome time.

PS ~ I have a few photos from my camera and when I dig out the camera, I'll post them in an update to this post. There's still stuff to unpack, you know how that goes!


Kristi said...

I love the pictures! We haven't made the trip to Disney yet... I'm sure it will be fun when we do...

Heather said...

Looks like you all had a blast! I love the photo of Mr. Johnny and Leslie. It is a great one of them both. Can't wait to hear all about the rest of it. :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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