Some Beauty While We're Gone~

I hope a dear friend, Kim Cole, will allow me to share with you these photos she took on a canoe trip a while back. I saved these planning to possibly get her permission to frame them at some point. Since we are on our way south this week on a business/pleasure trip, I thought I'd remind myself of some cool, green, and shady places in North Alabama.  I love these three shots. Thanks, Kim. They're beautiful. 

These next three three are from another dear friend, Lynne Griffies, and I have quite a few of hers saved for framing one day. I've already shared with you that I have one that she took of The Biltmore Mansion matted and framed and I still get comments on it! These three, taken here in Prattville, are some of my favorites that she has taken around town. But this isn't the only ones I have. You should see the ones she has taken in the various vacation spots in and around the Carolina's. Lynne's loves photography and is very good at it.
I will back in touch when we get back the middle of next week. Until then, I pray you find many moments of love and laughter to fill your days. Pray for the needy and our servicemen and truly, truly pray for the leaders of our government. Too many of them need a 'come to Jesus meeting'. Until then ~

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