Stepping into Spring

Spring is here, in all its new birth and fresh breezes
I've gathered some of my favorite items here
for you to enjoy and possibly try for yourself
Above, use spray paint on a large basket,
silk greenery, chocolate rabbit, and satin ribbon.

This is another favorite and one I'd like inside our door
Walmart or Target boots, satin ribbon, silk branches
Again, easy but oh the smiles it will bring
Sunny, happy, it's Spring!
When I tried following the link back to this
I only got an Error 404 page (sigh)
Again, it can be recreated with stick ons
paint a board, place the vinyl stick ons
hang it up for all to read, absorb, and enjoy.
I havea something for you there, too

Cabbage, carrots, new potatoes, and corned beef
I've loved this dish since a young age
Never cooked it as much as I would've liked
But there's always a time when you cook for the family
Which is what I did
Now? It's a crockpot favorite.
Something sweet now to finish off the meal?

Oh my, fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake
Need I say more.
Just make sure you have Southern sweetened tea
to sip on as you muse about your Spring plans.
There's a spot on Etsy I enjoy.
Namely, it's because it's one of our daughters.
Although, this is the Easter dress she recently
posted, it's still a precious happy dress for the Spring
days and you'll find other lovingly handmade items
that will delight little ones and their mommies.

Enjoy these days of Spring
for in a very short time,
we'll be enjoying the Summer days
and again, we'll smile watching the children
enjoy the absence of school, meet new ones
during vaction stays, and breathe in fresh air.

I feel extremely blessed to be able to celebrate
all four seasons. We are into Spring cleaning and
doing some updating to our home. What are you up to
this Spring?! What's on your to-do list?!
And as always, blessings ~

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