Already a Great 2013!

This precious man fell in love with our Leslie.
She fell in love with him.
An answer to prayers ~
Beautiful wedding.
Sentimental. Sweet. Dreams that came true.
Then we found out having a baby
was going to be difficult.
There were tears,
but there more prayers.
Months passed.
With prayers.
Meet our newest grandchild!
We are thrilled.
We are thankful. So thankful.
This is our first photo of him/her.
Heath & Leslie? Thrilled beyond words.
Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.
For your love, goodness, and power.
We shall bring this child up in the nurture
and love of your Word. We promise this.
As parents, it's such a wonderful feeling
to know that all of your children,
their children, and their children
will walk thru the gates of Heaven with us.
What a beautiful blessing. What comfort.

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~ from The Letter Writer ~

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