It's Halloween ~ Over the Years

Let's start with our MS babies ~
I've tried to gather as many as I could find
on their mommy's FB albums
and those I've been able to get.
Toward the end, I'm guessing they are in order  {wink font}
Alaina's first Halloween :)
I love love love that look on her face!
You can tell who likes to be a Princess!
Here they are now ~ 2012
The Princess and her Ninja Warrior
Now, let's move to the Alabama babies~
And again, I'm guessing at the order.
Ian's first Halloween,
Can't have been that long ago.
We were out eating and Ian found a friend. 
A favorite of mine. Snuggle that little Noah!
Indiana Jones, with whip no less!
A cute golfer.
Then a little sister came along!
Worn out, ready for home ~
I seem to be missing a year here,
for this is 2012. I'm missing 2011.
There's also a photo I just LOVE
where the boys are leaning against a wall
downtown and Noah is giving Ian the LOOK.
Jenny, if you have that, I'd love a copy of it
to frame for the Halloween sets.
So, how was your Halloween!

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy...your grandbabies are growing like little weeds!!!! Noah is the baby I remember the most, mainly because I have a Noah as well ~ look at how big he is!!! Our little Clara is such a big girl too and SO loved Halloween this year! Her little brother Murray being only about a month and a half old held down the fort with me and his papa while they trick or treated. I hope you are doing so good dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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