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I love seeing our daughter's posts and photos from years back. She has a Flashback Friday she does (here's the latest!), and sweet Noah, not quite two months old, I believe. One of my favorites from about that time includes his big brother trying to give the new baby brother a toy. Oh be still my heart~

So I thought I'd see what we, or I, was doing this time a few years back. Thinking I'd go back to the first blog I began, I chose 2008 and surprisingly I'm having the same problem I was then! Sheez, it's either a bad habit or a deep rooted problem I don't seem to want to change. Normally, things that bother me I take care of. One way or another. But this crazy sleep pattern obviously isn't one of them. Here's the blog from January 15, 2008 ~

Sleepy dayz~wake up, Night!

On another note, I'm wondering who is getting our Winter weather?! We aren't {frowny font} I like my Winter season and thought we were to have one this year. Guess again. I was hoping the snake eggs would be taken care of this year (as they weren't last year and everyone had too many reptiles! Miami area just issued 800 permits to rid the locale of a certain species of pythons. Eek! Any python in my yard would be a 'missing' python after The Hood took care of it!)

The new year promises to have its share of excitement and changes and our family is gearing up for them. Have a God-filled week and may you find many moments of love and laughter during your days. Until ~

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