Using a Bookcase!

Undoubtely, my favorite way of how you can use a bookcase! Here's the link and I'm sure you can do it as well. Not only is it oh, so, handy, but how cute as well! If you make it, come back here and share yours with me by mailing me a photo and a description and I'll post it for everyone to see and be inspired!
This one is not on a swivel but it is a neat way to organize your mudroom or laundry.  This idea came from one of my favorite blogs, Lookie What I Did, and you can find more DIY projects to fill up your DIY days! A great way to start out a new year! Organizing and cleaning up those clutter areas and cabinets!


The Feathered Nest said...

I love this Nancy!!!! How neat that you use more than just the front to be organized! I hope you are doing so, so good...and that you had a beautiful Christmas! Thank you so much for your visit and comment sweet friend ~ never worry about not commenting, I've noticed in the last year or so that comments have fallen off quite a bit. I still can't help myself though, I LOVE to share, and love my blog...even if I only post one little image ~ it's just my thing. I hope you and Johnny are so happy and healthy and I wish you both a wonderful new year precious friend!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Howdy ho Miss nancy! This post makes me want to place a bookshelf in every room. Really! This year, like every 1st of the year, I'm trying to get me life organized. Trying is the key word haha. Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well. Hugs! Susie

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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