Summer ~ 2013

Wow, here it is August. Hot, hot August. Hot, humid August. I'm not normally an irritable person. Nor a grumpy one. Not even a lookingforafight kind of person. But this weather Garfield said it so well.

Ah, but it's a nice summer. Filled with family, thunderstorms, friends, rain, good food, humidity, giggles and snuggles from the grands, thunderstorms. You get the idea. I do think it's the busiest summer we've had since moving to the gulf coast. Along with those coming in to visit and eat seafood and swelter on the sand, we've met more nice strangers that have become good friends, found places to eat that tourism overlooks, and fell into a nice routine of retirement that seems to suit both of us just fine. Took awhile but we're pretty much there.

Just a few more weeks and I can tell my self, "Self, it's September and you know what that means? Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be cooler, but it's SEC FOOTBALL TIME!!!" WhooHoo!! The Tide will roll once more and we aren't with MediaCom this year so we shouldn't lose a single game!! Oops, you did not read that, Satan, you can only hear. You cannot read.

Here's to a few more weeks of sweltering heat, enough humidity that the grands ask why there's water on our windows, and staying inside, only going out long enough to get the meat off the grill!!

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