A Great Book! A Lousy Virus.

while searching Amazon for a journaling bible, i ran across this and recognized the author's name. i've heard our daughter and some of her friends mention jennifer. the book intrigued me so i promptly hit 'put in cart'. it arrived yesterday and i read the first two chapters twice. TWICE! it's that good. and it's not just for young women. i'm 60 and i totally identified with it and know i'm going to be blessed for reading it and implementing her suggestions in my bible studies. i encourage you to do the same. this is strictly because i like her book and intend to purchase others. i didn't get it free. buahaha

jennifer is down to earth, wife, mother, sister, daughter, child of the King. she knows the ups and downs of life and shares them with her readers. she uses words that are easily understood and, with scriptures, she reminds of His love and promises that will stand for eternity. money well spent.

here's the link for jennifer's blog ~ jen hatmaker

and in yucky, nasty, barfing news,
i've had a virus for the past 15 days. it's been horrid. never, ever had one to last so long but count myself blessed as my brother and his wife had theirs to last three weeks. for the first time in 15 days i awoke with no headache, no chills, no nausea. after getting up very warily, i decided to take it easy, rest and try to stay this way. it's worked. praying it's gone, gone, gone. and i feel, and pray, for those i know that are still in it's throes. there's no antibiotic for it, you can only treat the symptoms. stay hydrated. light diet. no dairy! cough drops. tylenol. generic dramamine. immodium ad. too many days of wrapping up in a quilt while still in jammies. too many days without makeup and hair that really needs a cut and highlights. what a blessing that love isn't based on how you look when sick.

and to end on a happy note, since i began with one!
oh, how i love my Lord.
and oh, how i look forward to eternity
with Him {heart font!}

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