Ian & Me

It was a busy week, but such a fun week. Looking through Jen's pictures I found this one and like it well enough to want to share with you. This is Ian, Brandon and Jenny's oldest. We always have fun together and he never fails to make me laugh. Although he's getting past the stage of wanting to snuggle, he still loves to spend time with me. Without being told "I love you" first, he says it. Now, isn't that the way to any woman's heart?

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy, Ian is absolutely precious!!! It is in these early years that you build your relationships with your precious grandchildren. Not that I have any yet, but from my experiences with my own grandmother. She took time with me, she talked to me and showed me how to do things! It was in those very early years that she took the time to build a relationship with me....I must remember that when my grandchildren arrive!!! Taking the time to enjoy them, as it will be gone it the blink of an eye.....You are such a sweet grandmother!! xxoo, Dawn

(ps. Nancy, have you posted about your accident? I've looked back in your archives to read about it and can't find it....I had no idea!)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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