Love, Life & Loss

The Senior Dinner before Edgewood's Prom was a hit and Kindall was beautiful. She's holding Landon Martin, son of Kelcey and Bryan Martin. Some of you may have known Bryan in school, others will remember him as being the young father and husband that was senselessly shot and killed not too long ago. Apparently two young men from Montgomery had sat in the parking lot outside Millbrook's Walmart and watched, and discounted, others before Bryan drove in. He went in that night to get dog food and diapers and was shot as he got back in his truck. The men were caught the next day, driving the truck and have been sentenced. He left a beautiful wife, Landon, and a small daughter. I know they need your prayers. Landon is the nephew of Chad Driscoll~

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Susanne Goodin said...

I remember that story in the news! It was so horrible. I remember how my heart sank when I heard that he had little ones. We will keep them in our prayers!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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