The Lavender Hippo!

Brandon and Jenny have a new home-based business! The Lavender Hippo is a place to find all kinds of luggage tags, diaper bag tags, you name it they'll tag it for you. Jenny is really excited about this and I've seen some finished tags. I'm impressed.

Here's some ideas Jenny may not have thought of! **I'm pretty sure this isn't your bag.** or what about **Nothing worth stealing in here.** and from the camper coming home **Dirty clothes inside!** or to get right to the point **This is my bag! This is not your suitcase!** Wow, I'm having fun with this!! What about having tags personalized for house guests and give as keepsakes to hang on backpacks, sports bags, or overnight bags?

Until I began helping Jen look for clip art, etc. I had no idea the various ways a tag could be used. Tags can be used on water bottles, ice chests, senior citizen items, and as teacher gifts! She and Brandon have put alot of effort into making sure there are many, many different patterns and fonts, and she's still adding to the list. Now, alongside Teale and Dawn of The Feathered Nest, there's another place we can go to make our lives easier and prettier!

The rain is headed our way this evening and I can't wait!!! I do so love a good thunderstorm. Hope you have a beautiful day today, a nice rainy weekend of staying inside with those you love, and a blessed time with fellow Christians Sunday~talk to you soon!

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