A Rainy, Rainy Day~

It's still raining and I am loving it!! Give me a thunderstorm any day, and if you can't give me that give me the slow steady rain like I have today, and if you can't give me that give me a wintry cold day in the Smokies, and if you can't give me that, ah you get the picture.

I am so glad Jenny called yesterday before she bought the yard sale permit. The sirens began going off in Prattville and she just wasn't sure the weather was going to cooperate. Great idea, Jen, we all went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast instead! Then, out to Jenny's home to let Leslie see it and to gather Austin's things. The boys had such a great time together and they both pouted when goodbyes were said. Although I really think Noah will like just having one brother now. The regular 'boy noise' was a bit much for him and he spent much of his time running for an adult to pull him up off the floor! Here's some pictures from this morning!

Noah was looking at his drinkcup on the table and probably wondering when Nan was going to let him go!

The boys got a bit impatient waiting for the drinks and food. ha ha Men! Always thinking about their stomachs!! Hurry back to see us, Austin Brett!!

I had a friend to email saying she'd like to add some items to our yard sale since she wasn't able to get them to me beforehand. SO! there will be more, more, more now!!!

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