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Leslie came in this afternoon bringing Austin with her! He loves his Aunt Leslie and enjoyed his view from the backseat of her new car!! (He loves cars, too!) Leslie came over to pick up Miss Marley and Austin came to see his Nan and Pa and spend tonight with Ian. When Jenny dropped Noah off this morning, Ian asked several times when Austin was coming and as soon as he came in from Day School Austin was the first person he wanted to see! They are less than four months apart in age and have always loved the company of each other. And this is the first time he's been here without mommy!! It will be a short visit, but with the yard sale being cancelled because of weather, we'll have much more time to laugh and go get a good breakfast together!!

Here's some pictures I took right after Ian got here this afternoon. I'm hoping Jenny has taken some tonight while the boys are camped out in her living room!

Austin allowed Noah to wear his hat this afternoon and it was so cute watching Noah trying to keep it straight. Can you tell I am so in love with these three little men?!
Leslie was glad to see her pup, although I'd just soon MarleyDog become an Alabama resident~
We haven't gotten the thunderstorms that were predicted and that others seem to have gotten. Leslie's mom called and said a tornado has swept through the subdivision, but Leslie's had a neighbor check on her house and it's okay. Thank you, Father! We've heard the sirens here in Prattville and seen the coverage on Channel 12 but all we've had here was a nice steady rain. Since we weren't sure what the early morning would be like, we're holding off on the yard sale. Jenny has a Pampered Chef show next Saturday, so I'll have to let you know when we're having it. Have a restful weekend and enjoy the cool breezes and the rain~


Meggie said...

Cute boys...couldn't ya wanna hug em and never stop.
Thanks for the comments suggestion, I changed my layout setting as you suggeested.

Susanne Goodin said...

The boys are too cute! The relationship they are building now is really neat. I have a little girl who adores her cousin Hannah. They have a special relationship that started when they were little.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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