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It's going to feel so good to get John's garage cleaned out! I promise you, we've lived in this home for 7 years now and not once has he had enough room to park a vehicle in it! And it's a two car garage!! One side is devoted to an area you could have a workbench, etc. The outside door is on that side, but the other should have a car there! And he's never been able to do that. He is so excited about not having anymore boxes, Christmas items, and junk in his garage! I'm getting rid of my stuff and no one needs a storage place anymore! That man cracks me up!

I bought this mantel a few years back and used it as a headboard for a queen size mattress set. Have also used it with a double and would frame a twin bed. It worked out so well, as it's large enough to set a lamp on! There are two nails on either side, oh well I won't go into how incredibly easy it is to connect to your wall with two normal nails. If you decide you want this, I'll tell you then. I'm only asking $65 for it, I have two others that I'm using for myself. But this one we don't need and the three girls don't want it.
Do any of you remember the sunbonnet girl quilt pattern? One of my great aunts quilted this when mother was pregnant with me. Since there was no way of knowing what sex the child would be, Aunt Hattie also quilted a little boys quilt. Of course there is normal wear and age on both crib quilts, but if you love old items you'll love these. Again, Jen doesn't want them and they've been resting in my closet for the last couple of years. Someone needs to give them a place of honor! I'm asking $50 OBO for each of the quilts~
This large wall clock can easily be painted black, distressed, and would look great or leave it like it is. Like new condition! Needs a AA battery to run and measures 30 inches in length and 12.5 inches wide. Cost $15
I'm having an early dinner with Lisa, one of my girlfriends you saw in the group shot below. We always have something to share and giggle over. To top the companionship, we're eating at Logan's and I'm ready! I love throwing the peanut hulls on the floor! Did I tell you that when I took Jenny and her boys there one day for lunch, Ian watched us for awhile then we noticed him getting peanuts and throwing them over his shoulder! He then asked why we were throwing the peanuts away? And to make it even funnier, there was couple seated behind him getting the peanuts thrown their way!
God was so gracious to bestow these jewels on the earth for us to take such delight in. Chad, Teale, I'm so happy that you've been blessed once more with a child and that things are progressing as they are. Rest in knowing that so many are prayer warriors for you~and that Kendall got to tickle this one's feet before you will. with much love and prayer for you, Miss Nancy


Chad said...

Thank you for the nice comments.

Meggie said...

I noticed your comment to CammyK at Freckled Farm about the hacker comment. I get those sometimes also. Are they potentially harmful to my computer? I usually just delete them but have to admit that I am curious. Any suggestions?

Classics and Country said...

What a great idea for the mantel. Its a beautiful piece!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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