Our Mississippi Babies!

Stacey sent some snapshots today and naturally I have to show/brag!! If you aren't a grandparent, just wait, I used to think being a parent was the most fun ~ I only thought I knew.
Here's sweet Alaina, at an Easter gathering. There's one of her hunting eggs, but you can't see her face. You'll see our princess dressed in her regal crown and earrings! What girl doesn't like purple and sparkly things?!

The next one made me laugh out loud. Brett was getting them ready for bed and decided Austin needed a new do!

I loved the background of this shot and wondered what it was she is looking at so hard!

And one of my favorites is a shot of Leslie and Alaina, taken Spring Break on the Coast~

The smiles go straight through my heart and settle in my soul. I believe memories carries one through moments that are trying and difficult~

By the way, thank you to those of you that have purchased items and for those that have responded saying you're coming Saturday!! I have a Flicker site that is public but I don't make it known. However, until Sunday, I will put it up and let you see some of the items I priced and set out this afternoon. I realize it's a bit of a mess, that's been the state of Johnny's garage far too long now!!! I promised him that after Saturday Jenny and I would not be storing anything else in there again ;) If you see something you like, let me know~

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