Friends, Food, & Lots of Laughter!

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Today has been a busy day, but a fun one. I met with several friends and we accomplished quite a few tasks together!! Please remember a dear, bestest friend of mine, Kay Mayfield, in your prayers. What was thought to be a kidney stone has turned out to be a cyst in the kidney. Her doctor, as of this afternoon, told her he isn't particularly worried about it but he is sending her to see a specialist just to make sure. Deborah and I met her there for moral support and could tell she was a bit nervous and jittery. She looks much better, though, than she did last week!! Kay and I attended the same high school and I'll always remember my father saying she was the smartest female he'd taught in his 25 year career. I always thought she had the most beautiful hair and build, and she was a cheerleader to boot!! I was a cheerleader at Marbury High and loved every minute of it ~ so cheerleaders rank high with me :)
After going with Kay to the doctor's office, the three of us took off for Kyser Furniture where we shopped, browsed, dreamed and one of us picked out material for an upholstery project. Nope, it wasn't me! Although if Johnny Hood would let me I'd sell that leather sofa and get me a chenille one! From there we made a phone call to another friend, Lisa, who met us at the Ox Yoke for dinner! And what fun we had! I laughed, as you'll see in the pictures. They are dear, dear friends and we've been through a lot together. I know that's why we're so close. We always have fun, especially when there's food in front of us! You'll note that ONE of us didn't like her picture being made! She was Quickdraw McGraw when the camera came out!! It didn't matter what was handy, it got used!

Some people didn't mind. They didn't necessarily like it, but they didn't hide. Okay, so maybe they wanted to~

but some people hid. And kept hiding.

and some kept giggling. And eating.

Have a restful evening and enjoy the rainy weather~


Jenny said...

Maybe that's a clue that you need to leave the camera at home sometimes - HA HA. I love you!

Nancy Hood said...

oh you are so funny ;) and where did you get that wit? from you father?! We need to go to the Ox Yoke, it's good!

Kelly said...

I never leave home w/o a camera, so don't you worry. :o)

Leah said...

You are so blessed with wonderful friends! Looks like you had a blast!!

Chad said...

Sounds like you had a great day.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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