So Johnny Took That Test

and he's a Border Collie. We compared answers and although I pretty much knew already which ones he'd choose, I just do NOT see him as a Border Collie. The celebrities they had listed as those type doggies were Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Martha Stewart to name a few. Hmm, definitely not the kind of man I'm married to. He did say afterwards that he kept wanting to change his answers. He wasn't sure if he was to answer them as he would have 30 years ago or the way he would today. That surprised me. I would've answered mine the same way regardless of the years. Seemed like an easy test to me~


Leah said...

Hum...see NO similarities between Johnny and Martha!!

Nancy Hood said...

ha ha freaked me when they mentioned Bill Gates and BILL CLINTON!!! helllllloooo ha ha

Anonymous said...

I took the test and was a Labrador Retriever. It was fun! Thanks :) Love you! ~ Heather

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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