You're Never Too Old~

There has been bits and pieces of a discussion going on in our home for a year now. I know it stems from the accident, from dying and coming back. To lose someone and have them return changes life. John and I have spent the last twelve months skirting around an idea that began to take shape, to bloom, and to entice. This past weekend it became apparent that neither of us wanted to ignore it any longer, we wanted to reach out and grab this dream, to step out with faith and make it happen.

So, you'll be hearing more about this from me, from us, as we grow comfortable with sharing it. It's still a bit new, kind of scary, but very exciting. We have dreams, we have daughters with families, we have places to explore and moments to cherish, and we want to do it soon. Now. Before it's too late again.

Life changing decision? You bet. But as long as we continue to pray and to plan, it will all be so worth it. I know it will work. I just know it and it will be one of the most exciting chapters of my life~I am so in love with you, Johnny Hood.


Kelly said...

Can we guess? I think you are getting a place in Gatlinburg or you are getting an RV! :o)

Haley said...

AAAWWWWWWW! I love you guys! When ever I see Mr. johnny i remember the first time I really talked to him. It was when you did the open house for Jenny and I a few months back and he was in the living room. He had such kind words for me (and about Eric). That night when I saw Eric I told him that you guys were a couple I always wanted in our lives! You remind me of my moms parents who have been gone for several years now (my grandad about 8 years and my granny about 3 1/2). I was very fond of them!

I hope that your new BIG decision turns out great and its all that you want it to be. I cant wait till you guys can share with us what it is!

The Feathered Nest said...

I have a little quote for you my sweet friend....

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Wishing your dreams come true,

Chad said...

You know....they say curiousity killed the cat and I am dying over here. In the words of Joey from Friends, "I'm as curious as.....George."

Haley said...

oh yeah..... did you ever pick out candles from the once i sent to you ...... and you can just bring the samples back to me whenever you get a chance (sunday if you will be there...)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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